Hey guys! Back from holidays.

And 2015 starts with Electro receiving a update today with some new stuff and fixes.

Changelog for this update:

- Fixed and tweaked  the 8 way air dash buffer for this move working properly. 
- Air dash cancels from basics and also it can be canceled at mid dash into airborne basics like mvsc3
- Revision of overall character blockstun and recover frames, not safe as f@ck anymore.
- Tweak on hyper chain mashing issues, works fine in any keyboard now (i hope)
- Tweak on hyper Fulldischarge helper issues
- Tweak on A.I. with more combos, still room for improvement.
- Tweak on winposes duration.
- Added new intro - the "Gauntlet" machine, the reason why Electro's powered up in comics now.

   (we finally finished it... this didn`t make the cut in the original release as intended)
- Added new animation after hover mode cancel... not looking weird anymore.
- Added new trembling frame to lighting bolt aerial
- Fixed readme and command list typos
- Tweak on palettes 10 & 11 with weird color issues.
- Many other minor balance fixes and tweaks on code for a better experience overall.

Including a new intro that was not ready  in the first release, it's the "gauntlet" machine used by Mad thinker on Electro to power up him to what he is on the comic books these days... 
A living thunderbolt ! 

Machine custom sprites by Loganir  - The MadThinker custom sprites by Verz36


A friend bring something to my attention... looks like  i did a mistake 
uploading a earlier version of this update in one of the mirrors here.

If you downloaded before from Mediafire server this update, 

please re-download again for the right file with all proper tweaks mentioned.

If you downloaded before from Uploaded server, 

no need to do it again... that  was the right file.


Electro update can be downloaded on his page HERE




Electro Recharged by Loganir and Verz36.

Hello guys, finally we finished this character. We think he's solid enough to go. :)
I can say it was not a easy wip because all the details and delays with real life stuff.

Check his download page for Electro's command sheet, features and wip history.

There's also a config file on the char folder where you can follow simple instructions
and choose some  stuff like:
Hitsparks from your screenpack - Optional Shock animations - MvsC Flicker - Palfx Colors - Hyper backgrounds off, Etc...

So give it a try on that config stuff, i think you'll like if you need to fit him to your personal taste. ;)

You can grab Electro on his page HERE

Thanks for all the support guys.... Verz36 and i really apreciate it. :)

Enjoy and a Happy New 2015 Year!!!!


Hi guys!

Botanical Gardens by Loganir and Harbinger released

This is a custom mvsc style stage heavily inspired on Rocksteady`s "Batman Arkham Asylum" game.
You can grab it from stages section here.

 The Botanical Gardens.

I've did this stage in collaboration with Harbinger. He contact me with a initial idea for a Ivy's themed stage and we cooked this stage so far. Harley and Ivy fans will notice the "easter egg" meaning here.

Also the stage High Voltage   for Electro received a small update, concerning the security guys velocity, a additional helicopter anim and other minor stuff.
Home of Electro "Recharged"... he will need it soon. :)

Hope you guys enjoy!



Hey guys!

We wanted and had a initial plan to release Electro in the next couple of days but unfortunately some details still missing and i will not be around these next days and also Christmas... i need to go on a unexpected small trip with family.

But don't worry, i will be back soon and release Electro with Verz36 before the New Years day.

So yes... a little more patience. :)

For now I'll leave you guys with a small preview of Electro's Midnight Bliss...
This is a optinal animation used for characters and i just finished these sprites a couple hours ago.

Marvel call her Electrocute.. nice name huh!  And yes...  this chick really exists on Marvel Universe.
but she's from a alternate universe (from earth 93060)

I wish a Merry Christmas to you all and see you back in a few days! 



MAX DILLON IN ACTION - preview video

Hello guys! here's a video preview of Electro Recharged  by Loganir & Verz36.

Still a work in progress in need of some adjustments, AI and other minor stuff.
His full hyperchain level 3 currently in the works, but a small part can be seen on this video.

Working non stop these last days on Electro, hope you guys like this preview.

Some credits:

Thanks to "Hype VoiceActing" who put a lot of soul on Electro voices.

* Rhyno sprites: - by Verz36 &  X-Boy & Liquid Camo
* Tombstone sprites: - by Gate



Hi guys! Yeah... it's been awhile.
I was busy with several things on RL in these past months, that's why the lack of news here.

Many of you guys asking about my wips and i can say they are in development everytime that's possible... since Electro it's closer to be released i'll focus the news and show more stuff of him here. On a side note... really didn't liked Electro on the recent Spiderman movie. The only thing saving that movie for me was the special effects, which i used as inspiration for some Electro moves. Well let me show some new things in the works for Electro mugen...

This is a new custom pixel portrait i did for Electro's winquote screen and mugen arcade modes.

Like many of you guys know, Verz36 doing several new sprites for this char and I've been also working on new sprite edits and animations too. Besides this we both including details in the old frames and new additional transitions and new heads.
So let me show some of the new sprites i've been working for this character.

This is a example of a scratch sprite for a new move... i'm used to mix scratch work with custom sprite edits for full animations.

Some sample gifs of the new edits i did for specials like spark grenade, bolt stream, hover mode etc...

These are some intros and winposes edits i made, don't bother the lack of  spark lines for the first one... it's on the char alredy plus a explod with a high tension cable where he's absorbing energy before the fight.

This is the "tiger" winpose that appeared in the first Electro post here, now finished...... so much colorloss on gifs like this one. Gonna consider making videos in the future, just not used or having time for it.


This is the... Maximum Voltage. Would be more ironic if i put Spidey on this preview. Electro sprite poses of this sequence are wonderfully done by Verz36. Teleport and  fx edits by me. The pixel hyper portrait it's a new remixed version of Sei + Verz36 with a new head i've edited to fit the style of other portraits. However gif timing somehow doesn't look right here and currently there's something extra coded to this hyper.

Custom Sprite edits by Verz36 for this hyper... can you guess the bases?

Well i hope you guys like this small preview!
We can't stop, won't stop...sucking up our free time. Cheers!



More Electro news here.

We decided for a new stand to make this char quickly recognizable as new and different.
So I've been sprite editing this new stand for Electro by some time:

The electrical effects it's also modified to match this new position ingame.
Here some screenshot gif also featuring 2 palettes, different fx for each one.
( don't mind the colorloss, in game it's much better)

Another preview.
A remixed Special Move (anti-aerial type), this one with Verz36 sprites from a old move.
Not exactly the eventual "captain corridor" kind of type we used to know,
there's a increase of size and startup time dependent of buttons pressed.

I plan also making this a chargeable move... maybe.
High Voltage! :)



Hello guys! It's been awhile since last post here... things being a bit slowly since RL has been kinda hectic/weird/tiredsome lately for me leaving almost no time for online stuff. But it's not like there's nothing in development all this time... I'll post some stuff that I've been doing for the new Electro in the works with Verz36.

We used to call him  Electro "Recharge"  instead of just a update... because it's much more than a simple updated of a char. Like explained on a previous post this is a totally new version coded from scratch and featuring new concepts, animations, effects and new dub voices by Hyper Voice Acting.

So a bit more of Electro news here.

I've been helping Verz on the sprite development of this wip adding new details to Electro's costume like the zap lines on legs and gloves. There's also some full new sprite edits and anims I've been doing for Electro... these are some of the new stuff in the works: a teleport (part of a special), a new laucher, walkback, movie intro.

Sprite edits by Loganir:
- - - -

Verz36 also working on new sprites and reediting previous ones to giving a better quality to this char. Below there's some new animations Verz36 did for Electro, some people alredy seen a few of these posted on mugen forums around. Don't mind the missing details of the first gif... it's alredy added and realigned like you guys can see in action screenshots below.

Sprite edits by Verz36: 
- - -

Now some screenshot gifs with the char in game action. These features a new special move "Volts Revolt" and the Hyper "Megawatt Destroyer". Those are almost fully coded missing only minor details and balances.

Also here's a new winpose Verz36 did edited over SFA Adon. Seeing the anim I had this idea of adding some sort of  "Tesla coil" eletric effect into it to making things a bit dramatic... hope you guys like it.

The other it's a intro and was posted on forums around for awhile with Electro coming out of a radio. This is a suggestion by ANC from Unlimited. It's unfinished yet and there's plans to add some new stuff for this intro.

This is Electro year debuting at big screens, we focusing in the comic book version but some palettes closer to the movie visual it's also in the works.

That's all for now, hope you guys enjoyed the preview.... there's a lot more stuff cooking for Electro.

On a side note... these past months I need to delete several SPAM comments on this blog. Blogger not filtering at all spammers hacking on older posts here and I don't have time anymore to keep track and deleting this kind of boring thing anymore. Maybe some of guys noticed why anonymous comments are blocked for awhile... and limiting to captcha and logged users not worked at all too. 

So all comments are disabled on this blog until I find a workaround for this issue. Anything else or suggestions for chars you guys can contact me at forums or email.