THOR by "Loganir" and "Black Dragon Mgbr"

Loganir Mugen Projects

                    The Mighty Thor
Game origin:               Custom sprites / Original Version:                       0.93 ------  2006-Jan-01
Sprite edits:               Loganir & BlackDragon mgbr
Code:                           Loganir
Gameplay:                 MVSC custom  gameplay
Mugen version:            Winmugen / Li
nux / DOS

Character profile:     

The son of Odin and Jord. Thor is the god of thunder and lightning and he can unleash his powers with each strike of his hammer Mjolnir.

The powers of Thor:
--Weather Control: Tapping the magical enchant
ments of his hammer Mjolnir, Thor can summon all storm elements.

--Strength: Thor can lift upwards of 100 tons, putting him in Marvel’s elite class. He also has incredible endurance, resistance to virtually all sickness and disease and can withstand and heal practically any wound.

--Inter-dimensional Travel: Mjolnir can open interdimensional portals, allowing Thor to travel between Earth, Asgard and other realms.

--Fighting: Thor is a highly skilled warrior who has had many centuries of battle to perfect his craft.

--Flight: Thor`s hammer, Mjolnir, is the vehicle through which Thor "flies". By throwing the hammer and grabbing its mystical leather thong, Thor is propelled by the hammer into flight..

About this character:
I’m a huge Thor fan and have been since I started reading comic books way back in the 80's. I loved Walt Simonson arcs and I have collected every comic book with Thor's published in it, including all the ones that were released in my country.
In that time, my friends and I played a lot of MvC in the arcades and I always wondered why Capcom only made Thor a striker instead of a full character. Disappointment... this is a better word for how I felt.
My disappointment turned into motivation and I started creating this character. So that’s it-- after hundreds hours of sprite editing and coding, everyone can now play with Thor on mugen. I almost give up on this WIP because when I was editing for Thor, I used the style of shading that Alex from SF3 had (64 color), which was to edit an extreme pain in the ass, but I kept on going.

I want to take this time and register here my many thanks to my brazilian friend Everton from MugenBR forums, the BLACK DRAGON who give me a great help editing some animations in this long journey. Thanks buddy! We had lots of fun developing Thor stuff.
A reloaded version (2.0) is cooking and will be released in a near (or maybe not so) future. Improved VS gameplay, new animations, new ending, new hypers, new moves, and lots more.... Probably, this will be the final release for the god of thunder in mugen.
 Character features:
*** A.I. and TagBattle can be removed, open the " thor.def" file in a text editor and follow the instructions

- 5 winposes & 5 intros
- 7 specials and 5 normal Hypers
- Hyper Warriors of Asgard - Level 3 hyper featuring guest characters from the Asgard cast
- Voices from 90's Cartoons by John Rhys Davies and some he dubed for LOTR games
- Custom MvsC2 sparks

Check the "readme" file on the character package for a complete list of details and updates.

* INFO  Classic Thor: This char was made originally for DOS mugen and his gameplay and system are outdated by my standards. A improved new version (2.0 RELOADED) with many extras are on development.

Classic Thor 
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Uploaded  /  Mediafire

 9.03.2013_- _ Thor ( AvX version by Loganir
( custom version for the project "AVX Avengers vs. Xmen"  from  Infinite Mugen Team )

AvX Thor 
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Uploaded  /  Mediafire

These days the AvX team doing a release party with the solo characters from the IMT project game "Avengers vs. Xmen."   Thor was part of that project and Acey from IMT did some suggestions to me about making this version  avaliable here until the "Thor 2.0 reloaded"  that I'm working get ready to go. 

So why not?

This AvX version of the character is basically the same classic Thor(0.93b) without a few of his moveset and with some additions I've included to fit the gameplay for the AvX project. Main differences are:

- Color separation (Thor`s arms smart pal) by Arkady.
-  AvX adjustments --- gameplay combos and project details by Acey.
- Added Hover mode    - Added MvsC3 voices.  
- Some stuff and moves disabled for this version:

(Hyper Level 3, Flying, Dash attack, custom Hitsparks... check Readme file for additional info)

So that's it... enjoy!

Bonus in the package: MP3  from Thor`s theme  stage in the AvX project.