Name:                          Wonder Woman 
Game origin:             Custom sprites / Original
Version:                        2.05 ---   2007-Feb-24
Sprite edits and Code:         by Loganir
Gameplay:                   MVSC  custom gameplay
Mugen version:            Winmugen / Linux

Character profile:     

Centuries ago, the gods of mount Olympus created the Amazons to lead humanity in the ways of virtue.
When the Amazon queen, Hippolyta, prayed for a daughter the gods blessed her with a child possessing certain skills.
These skills include:

- Demeter's power and strenght ,
  linked to the Earth itself
- Aphrodite's great beauty and loving heart
- Athena's wisdow
- Hermes' speed and power of flight
- Hestia's sisterhood with fire, the truth from hearts
- Artemis' eye of hunting and unity with the beasts

She also receive gifts from the god's like
- the magic Lasso of Truth forged by Hephaestus'
- the silver bracelets created from Zeus aegis shield
- the razor sharp magic Tiara.
A child who would become the god's own champion in the world of men.
Diana, the princess of Themyscira.
The amazing amazon... Wonder Woman.

About this character:
I'm a huge fan of the Greek mythology and I really enjoyed when George Perez recreated Wonder Woman legend using a lot of those myths after the "Crisis on Infinite Earths" events. Many years after and many good (and some real bad) stories later, my admiration for the princess Diana of Themyscira continues to grow.

I have started working on her mugen version way back on 2004, in that time I had the help of "Erradicator" as the main coder of the character. We release in the end of that year a version of W.W. (discontinued now).
The previous version was mostly based on Erradicator's W.W.(genesis/megadrive mugen conversion) with some new stuff.
After some absence from mugen scene (both mine and Erradicator), and without expectations about her future updates, in 2007 I decided to "reload" Wonder Woman myself, starting from scratch. So I did an extensive revision on my old sprite edits, changed all the movesets for the hypers and specials, recoded her entirely with new gameplay and created lots of new animations for her.
That's the new Wonder Woman you'll find here, enjoy.

Character features:

*** A.I. can be removed, open the " wonder_woman.def" in a text editor and follow the instructions

*** Hitsparks can be changed for the screenpack ones,
open the " wonder_woman.def" in a text editor and follow the instructions

- 5 specials and 4 normal Hypers- Hyper Chain concept - 3 hypers in 1 featuring guest characters from Amazon cast
- Lasso of Truth its a helper and glows always (or almost :P) like in the comic books
- A.I. coded
- Voice samples changed for the ones dubbed by Courteney Kellen Taylor (JLH game)
- New set of specials and hypers
- New sparks( helpers) and effects in high resolution - use doubleres=4 in your mugen config
- palettes 1||2||3 uses the "hot" costume and palettes >4 uses the classic costume
- palette 7 uses your screenpack sparks and effects ( this can be changed for all palettes in the def file)
- portraits for DCvsMarvel and solo version done
- New intros and Winposes (including the winpose special against Thor).
"Whosoever holds this hammer, if he(SHE) be worthy,shall possess the power of Thor" :p

Check the "readme" file on the character package for a complete list of details and updates.

Info: This char receiving a major update with new features.
More info about it here:
Wonder Woman 3rd strike

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