Loganir Mugen Projects

Name:                   Bane - "venom overdose"
Game origin:         Edited/original character
Version:            "Beta 0.2" --- 2004-May-19
Character Status:   Discontinued

Sprite Edits:  loganir
Code:  ex-inferis

About this character :

This is my first edited character for mugen.
I didn’t re-sprited or re-code this character since way back then and as such the reason why he lacks in quality.

I started spriting the wip in 2003, and release
a first beta in the beginning of 2004.
This character is not an accurate version of the actual Bane from comics. This character resembles the "Venom Drug" version of Bane, which can be found in the old Batman books (Kelley Jones covers).

When I started on the mugen scene and didn’t know nothing about coding characters, some people offered help to coding Bane. So credits for this character codes goes to Inferis  who offered his time programming the character based on his "Abubo Rao" (Bane's main edit base).
Credits also go out for Mr.ChainSaw from mgbr forums, for creating a new edited stand in Bane's old topic.

Some time ago I also planned "reloading" this wip with a complete revision of the sprites (they suck, its just a head swap :P ) and a new mvsc gameplay coded by me... but this character is discontinued.
For now I decided to focus on my other wips, but who knows...

Maybe Bane will receive something in these  terms sooner or later.

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