ASTONISHING CYCLOPS by Verz36 and Loganir

Character profile:     

Scott Summers is a mutant who often serves as the field leader of the X-Men.  A brilliant tactician, Scott eventually became a natural commander of all mutants left on the planet after M-Day, leading them through some of the hardest times in their lives.  

The powers of Cyclops: 

 Cyclops has the power to emit beams of energy from his eyes. The beams are tremendously powerful and can be used to rupture steel plates and pulverize rock.They do not give off heat and instead deliver concussive force without recoil.
Cyclops is able to reflect the beam off hard and shiny surfaces.This feat also demonstrates his intuitive sense of spatial geometry between objects.  Due to a head injury, Cyclops is unable to shut off his optic blasts at will and must therefore wear ruby quartz lenses to block the beams.

Cyclops also has extensive training in martial arts and unarmed combat, holding black belts in judo and aikido.
As example in a fight with the Horseman of Apocalypse named War, Cyclops executes an acrobatic flip off a statue in the graveyard and while inverted in mid-air fires his optic blast into the mouth of the robotic mount.

Cyclops has developed exceptional leadership skills.Scott's abilities are at their best in tense situations.

Name:                          Astonishing Cyclops     
Game origin:               Original- based MvsC    
Version:                        1.5 -----  2012-Dec-25 
Sprite edits:                 Verz36 and Loganir       
Code:                           Loganir                       
Gameplay:                   MvsC style gameplay    
Mugen version:            mugen 1.0                   

News... 2012-Dec-25:      This character received an Xmas update with some new features.


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Loganir Words :

So earlier this year Verz request some help about his Cyclops wip, and this is our work in the character so far.
Verz did a amazing job with the sprites before I joined in this wip. He had the majority of the basics completed , only missing a few basics and minor details on some frames that I helped him to conclude. So I focused in coding the char and spriting with Verz some new specials, hypers and the "fan service".

We wanted to create a new experience with this Cyclops but at same time giving some of the signature moves from the Capcom version... in a different way. This character is also the first for Verz project MSH2. We planned much more for this wip, some stuff we didn't finished at time for this released... but there will be a future update for sure.
Thanks for letting me join you in this character my friend!
I want to say developing this character was fun and I hope everybody enjoy playing with him on mugen!
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Verz36 Words :

Long ago while thinking of a new project, a friend of mines and teammate had some cyclops stuff that i saw and really liked.. You all know taskmaster from unlimited. Well i asked him about making this wip and so thats when it all began. After taskmaster had the design laid, i continued and build from there. I wanted to create a more acrobatic cyclops and also more of a fighter. I wanted to give this cyclops more moves and not just relied on optics.. So all his basics are regular punches and kicks to make him different than capcom version. After a long time working on this character i heard a great friend had comeback to mugen again. Got in contact with him and asked him to help give this cyclops a different feel and to help me create a great gameplay for the msh2 project..
Loganir accepted and so we began working towards creating a fun character.. Its been an honor working with a great talent like loganir.. his ideas and sprites are just jaw dropping. He did an amazing job not just on codes but on sprites too.. he did many animations and helped me with a lot of the basics too. together we bring you a character that we hope you the fans can enjoy.. We did had many plans for cyclops and some we didnt had the time to finish but he will get an update soon.. Its been a pleasure working with loganir and hopefully we will get to work in other wips together.. thank you loganir for help me make this character what it is now and also for helping me get better at spritting.

Also i want to thank intermission for her great work on the select screen HD portrait and the help so far for msh2 that she has done till now. i want to thank my other good friend rozeros for the help with the gethits. To all you fans, hope you enjoy this one and any other of my works thank you for the support.

This character it's also the first released for Verz's project
Marvel Super Heroes 2.

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Cyclops received some awards around forums and we want to say major Thanks to all people who enjoyed playing  and voted for him on mugen forums.

Cyclops has won in this sequence by public choice:

- Character of the Month of November 2012 on Mugen fighters guild forum
- Character of the Year 2012 on Crusader Cast forum
- Best Character 2012 on Infinity Mugen forum

And thanks to the people who created these award banners for Cyclops.
Supaman2525 (CC) - Rajaa (MFG) - Acey (IMT)
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