Wondering why there is a lack of news?

Needles to say... a lot busy with RL stuff happening lately,
but did find some time to finish this Somersault Kick for She-Hulk (sprites and code).

I don't like giving percentage to my wips cause always having new ideas to add or changing something that i don't think it's good yet... but She-Hulk wip progress are currently at 55%.

On this preview gif there's also Wonder Woman with the INJUSTICE costume.

That's the new Wondy  update in development. 
(a 3rd strike? yes... lol)

She'll have some new moves (with sword and shield like in New52 comics and Injustice) and a major revision on gameplay and sprites with new look and features. More on this later...

For now I'll post here a preview of her Smartpal  I've been doing that allow different costumes resembling many comic book appearances. A few examples below:

                                    Classic       -     Injustice     -     New 52    -        #600

That's all for now, hope updating this blog more often. See ya.