Some people keep asking me about She-Hulk progress and like I said she's on development yet.

I  also added some nice features to her like the new smart palette that will demand more time for the char conclusion and updated her look in a few frames to something less bodybuilder shape... I'm aiming for something between Pelettier, Cho and Byrne.

 With this applied... versions like the Future Foundation and Fantastic Four are possible.

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Some people on forums alredy know about this, but I didn't post about it here yet.
Verz36 ask me to help him on his old Electro beta wip. And we decided start him fresh and new, like recoding him from scratch and adding extra cosmetic changes.

New movements and anims are in the works, heres a preview of the new stance working ingame

We also making the costume more closer to the classic comic book visual, like Ditko style.
Here's a winpose frame I'm working + one of the aerial kicks sequences by Verz36.
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I'm working on Electro in my spare time alternating between Shulkie and modern Thor wips...and a few others. But the focus are those 3 lately.



I'm spriting a few Marvel gals lately.





It's Lady liberators time!
I'll try update this blog more often :P

AVENGERS VS X-MEN by Infinity Mugen Team

Infinity Mugen Team releasing today this dream match full game.
Like many know alredy I did some colaboration with my stuff for this project not only because I was impressed with Acey coordenation and team effort on his previous game (ProjectX: XSC)...  but also because they are true fans at heart doing a amazing fan game without expecting nothing in return.

Congrats to Acey, Zvitor, Hypersonic92, Arkady... and many other colaborators who turn this into a reality.

Download the full game on Infinity Mugen Team Forum:


I'm pretty sure all fans of the Avengers vs X-men comic books will enjoy it. :)