ELECTRO RECHARGED - by Verz36 and Loganir

Character profile:     

Maxwell Dillon has been one of Spider-man's most frequent and enduring adversaries. While repairing a power line, a freak lightning accident caused a mutagenic change that transformed him into a living electrical capacitor.  After creating a colorful costume, Max turned to a life of crime as Electro.
 Recently during the events of the storyline "The Gauntlet", Electro became a living artificial thunderbolt. An experimental procedure that heightened his powers, allowing Electro to store and absorb a seemingly limitless amount of electricity. 
 The powers of Electro: 
 Electro can generate massive quantities of electricity, when his body is charged to high levels, he becomes superhumanly strong and fast. 

When fully charged, Electro is able to lift (press) about 500 pounds.  Electro can mentally control the amount of electricity he discharges, anywhere from a single volt to his full 10,000,000 volt charge at once. He also seemed to gain the power over magnetism to a certain degree, allowing him to manipulate magnetic fields and move objects in a manner similar to that of Magneto. 

The new Electro can also teleport or transport by the electrons in the air, static discharges and electrical components. Electro can make a lightning strike to transport his own molecules from one point to another and also levitate and fly. Electro can charge himself up to reach high maximum voltage.
Name:                          Electro "Recharged"     
Game origin:               Original- based MvsC    
Version:                        1.1 -----  2015-Jan-05   
Sprite edits:                 Verz36 and Loganir       
Code:                           Loganir                        
                 MvsC custom style   
Mugen version:            Mugen 1.0                   


Hitsparks from your screenpack - Optional Shock animations - MvsC Flicker - Palfx Colors - Hyper backgrounds off, Etc... 



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Loganir Words :

Hi guys! My story with this character started many years ago, in 2007 on scruffydragon forums to be more exact. I remember first meeting Verz36 when he shows a lot of potential with his wip of Electro. At the time Electro had a different look, so Verz36 started talking with me about developing a new mask design, which his until now the current look of this char. Verz at the time also asked help with code.

I remember that i was very busy with other matters to coding but i did pointed some directions and encourage him to try coding his own wip,
so Verz did some attempts on this and we always talked about his wip development. But later Verz realized that he could extract much more pleasure from this hobby if he just sprite, and like everyone knows he became pretty good on it. So later with my abscence from mugen scene a few years back, Verz asked to scruffydragons to help him code Electro.... and that`s when a beta version of the char was released.

In 2012 after Astonishing Cyclops release, we started talking about some wips for a project and the opportunity for a new reborn Electro arised. Better say Recharging this character completely from scratch.

So we developed several new concepts for Electro. We choose on making the most powerful incarnation of the character, like he his on the comic books after "the Gauntlet" events. Even if we are stuck with the classic visual. Verz reshade a lot of the old sprites and create a lot of new animations. I did sprited also new animations and reworked some frames to fit Electro new stand positions. And we both added several new zap details on Electro costume for all frames... a harduous and boring process, but one that`s worth like you guys can see. The coding, sound selection and custom fx was not easy too... specially because of the long surprise gaps required from real life between the development process, it was boring getting back in track with this char so many times.

On a side note i like to thank "Hype VoiceActing" (a.k.a. Hypersonic92) for his amazing work with the voice. Electro sounds exactly what i envisioned and his voice talent put a lot of soul on this character.

Developing this character was a hard task, but at the same time fun doing it with my friend Verz36 and i hope everybody enjoy playing with Electro for mugen... Have fun!
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Verz36 Words :

Electro was the first character i made for mugen and it was Loganir who helped me with his mask at that time, i made many mistakes and never did proper intros and win poses. The character never was finished and i had done many animations after the release. I was more focused on making new characters so i left electro alone for a while but i always felt the need to do an update and complete this character.

So i asked my friend Loganir about it and here we go again, we started to work on Electro and here we give you yet another character that we hope you will enjoy for a while. I have to admit that i didn't had no idea the process was going to be so hard. at first it was great but after reworking all his sprites to fix shading issues and resizing and fixing body parts and all that, the new details really made me think about quitting, lol!!! just kidding but this was boring to do and together with my job made things take a bit longer to get them done.. i think this was the hardest character i have ever worked on. Loganir had the idea to give us all the extra work with this details but it was very important to take Electro another notch towards originality.

I have to thank all the people who contributed in Electro with ideas, sprites for hyperchain and portraits, and most important, the support. Loganir, thanks for helping me make electro what he is now and i have to say that I'm proud of what we accomplished with this character.

The classic Spider-man villains are back! The Lethal foes will appear in a random order at Electro`s request !   
They join forces with Electro for a hyper that can do massive damage if you chain all sections. (Level 3)

* This Hyper requires one power meter, and does less damage than a normal Hyper if not chained.

*  if you have more than one power bar in stock, then the mash icon will appear.

* Keep mashing the buttons to level up and keep calling Electro friends! Costs another power bar in stock.

* This Hyper is disabled on mugen Team Up mode.

* "But... but... but... Mr.Loganir and Mr.Verz.... i hate!  i haaaate strikers with the same characters from my roster. arghgh!!!!!"

* If you fighting a alredy mugenized Lethal Foe character, he will be replaced by another one automatically.

* Be happy !


- Credit of Sprite edits for Electro Hyperchain, thanks guys:
* Hobgoblin: - by Amonra.
* Rhino: - by Verz36 - X-Boy - Liquid Camo
* Hydroman: - by Verz36 - Liquid Camo(head) - Loganir (water sprites)
* Scorpion: - by Deanjo - Verz36 (tail sprites)
* Beetle: - by Rozeros - Loganir (wing sprites)
* Kraven: - by McCready
* Tombstone: - by Gate
* "Chameleon": - by Kojunho - Loganir (+ frames, head sprites)

05 jan 2015
Electro updated! 1.1 version

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