Hey guys! Back from holidays.

And 2015 starts with Electro receiving a update today with some new stuff and fixes.

Changelog for this update:

- Fixed and tweaked  the 8 way air dash buffer for this move working properly. 
- Air dash cancels from basics and also it can be canceled at mid dash into airborne basics like mvsc3
- Revision of overall character blockstun and recover frames, not safe as f@ck anymore.
- Tweak on hyper chain mashing issues, works fine in any keyboard now (i hope)
- Tweak on hyper Fulldischarge helper issues
- Tweak on A.I. with more combos, still room for improvement.
- Tweak on winposes duration.
- Added new intro - the "Gauntlet" machine, the reason why Electro's powered up in comics now.

   (we finally finished it... this didn`t make the cut in the original release as intended)
- Added new animation after hover mode cancel... not looking weird anymore.
- Added new trembling frame to lighting bolt aerial
- Fixed readme and command list typos
- Tweak on palettes 10 & 11 with weird color issues.
- Many other minor balance fixes and tweaks on code for a better experience overall.

Including a new intro that was not ready  in the first release, it's the "gauntlet" machine used by Mad thinker on Electro to power up him to what he is on the comic books these days... 
A living thunderbolt ! 

Machine custom sprites by Loganir  - The MadThinker custom sprites by Verz36


A friend bring something to my attention... looks like  i did a mistake 
uploading a earlier version of this update in one of the mirrors here.

If you downloaded before from Mediafire server this update, 

please re-download again for the right file with all proper tweaks mentioned.

If you downloaded before from Uploaded server, 

no need to do it again... that  was the right file.


Electro update can be downloaded on his page HERE