Hey guys!

We wanted and had a initial plan to release Electro in the next couple of days but unfortunately some details still missing and i will not be around these next days and also Christmas... i need to go on a unexpected small trip with family.

But don't worry, i will be back soon and release Electro with Verz36 before the New Years day.

So yes... a little more patience. :)

For now I'll leave you guys with a small preview of Electro's Midnight Bliss...
This is a optinal animation used for characters and i just finished these sprites a couple hours ago.

Marvel call her Electrocute.. nice name huh!  And yes...  this chick really exists on Marvel Universe.
but she's from a alternate universe (from earth 93060)

I wish a Merry Christmas to you all and see you back in a few days! 



  1. I almost forgot how detailed your characters were... :) Very nice to hear these news, Merry Christmas for you and your family! :)

  2. looks cool...

    what will electro look like shock animation...lol

  3. Tomar seu tempo Loganir, por esse trabalho vale apena esperar.
    E eu não intendi, ela vai fazer parte do electro ou é so edição de sprites?
    Ela poderia estar em alguma win pose, como uma admiradora dele, acho que ficaria incrível.

  4. shes midnight bliss when a demetri char performs this move on them they become a female or if they are already female they get sexier and demtri drains life from them

    his and verz version of cyclops has a cool one too.

    makes me wish for a all female version full game like that alternate MU

  5. One question will Electro have Electrocuted sprites :) ?

  6. Awesome! Nice Char :)

    Merry Christmas!!!

  7. Feliz natal! Tenho certeza que esse Electro será um presentão para todos nos!

  8. @Warecus & @Blagoy

    Thx guys! About the shock animation.......On Electro profile from Marvel wiki they mention he cannot be electrocuted by any means... But after thinking awhile about it, we decided from a gameplay stand point that he needs to suffer that gethit to keep things balanced... Blanka and Victor used to be electrocuted too on capcom games.

    However i did something a bit different, he almost smile on his 7696 anim and also we can hear his voice saying "hehe, tickles". when the anim appears.... something like that. Normal damage and poweradd anyway.

    Valeu cara! é como o Warecus mencionou... isso é uma anim ativada pro chars que tem esse move de midnight bliss, como o Demitri por exemplo.

    A todos obrigado pelas palavras, e esperamos que curtam o Electro quando sair.

    To everyone thanks, we hope you all enjoy this char soon.


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