Electro Recharged by Loganir and Verz36.

Hello guys, finally we finished this character. We think he's solid enough to go. :)
I can say it was not a easy wip because all the details and delays with real life stuff.

Check his download page for Electro's command sheet, features and wip history.

There's also a config file on the char folder where you can follow simple instructions
and choose some  stuff like:
Hitsparks from your screenpack - Optional Shock animations - MvsC Flicker - Palfx Colors - Hyper backgrounds off, Etc...

So give it a try on that config stuff, i think you'll like if you need to fit him to your personal taste. ;)

You can grab Electro on his page HERE

Thanks for all the support guys.... Verz36 and i really apreciate it. :)

Enjoy and a Happy New 2015 Year!!!!


Hi guys!

Botanical Gardens by Loganir and Harbinger released

This is a custom mvsc style stage heavily inspired on Rocksteady`s "Batman Arkham Asylum" game.
You can grab it from stages section here.

 The Botanical Gardens.

I've did this stage in collaboration with Harbinger. He contact me with a initial idea for a Ivy's themed stage and we cooked this stage so far. Harley and Ivy fans will notice the "easter egg" meaning here.

Also the stage High Voltage   for Electro received a small update, concerning the security guys velocity, a additional helicopter anim and other minor stuff.
Home of Electro "Recharged"... he will need it soon. :)

Hope you guys enjoy!



Hey guys!

We wanted and had a initial plan to release Electro in the next couple of days but unfortunately some details still missing and i will not be around these next days and also Christmas... i need to go on a unexpected small trip with family.

But don't worry, i will be back soon and release Electro with Verz36 before the New Years day.

So yes... a little more patience. :)

For now I'll leave you guys with a small preview of Electro's Midnight Bliss...
This is a optinal animation used for characters and i just finished these sprites a couple hours ago.

Marvel call her Electrocute.. nice name huh!  And yes...  this chick really exists on Marvel Universe.
but she's from a alternate universe (from earth 93060)

I wish a Merry Christmas to you all and see you back in a few days! 



MAX DILLON IN ACTION - preview video

Hello guys! here's a video preview of Electro Recharged  by Loganir & Verz36.

Still a work in progress in need of some adjustments, AI and other minor stuff.
His full hyperchain level 3 currently in the works, but a small part can be seen on this video.

Working non stop these last days on Electro, hope you guys like this preview.

Some credits:

Thanks to "Hype VoiceActing" who put a lot of soul on Electro voices.

* Rhyno sprites: - by Verz36 &  X-Boy & Liquid Camo
* Tombstone sprites: - by Gate