Hi guys! Yeah... it's been awhile.
I was busy with several things on RL in these past months, that's why the lack of news here.

Many of you guys asking about my wips and i can say they are in development everytime that's possible... since Electro it's closer to be released i'll focus the news and show more stuff of him here. On a side note... really didn't liked Electro on the recent Spiderman movie. The only thing saving that movie for me was the special effects, which i used as inspiration for some Electro moves. Well let me show some new things in the works for Electro mugen...

This is a new custom pixel portrait i did for Electro's winquote screen and mugen arcade modes.

Like many of you guys know, Verz36 doing several new sprites for this char and I've been also working on new sprite edits and animations too. Besides this we both including details in the old frames and new additional transitions and new heads.
So let me show some of the new sprites i've been working for this character.

This is a example of a scratch sprite for a new move... i'm used to mix scratch work with custom sprite edits for full animations.

Some sample gifs of the new edits i did for specials like spark grenade, bolt stream, hover mode etc...

These are some intros and winposes edits i made, don't bother the lack of  spark lines for the first one... it's on the char alredy plus a explod with a high tension cable where he's absorbing energy before the fight.

This is the "tiger" winpose that appeared in the first Electro post here, now finished...... so much colorloss on gifs like this one. Gonna consider making videos in the future, just not used or having time for it.


This is the... Maximum Voltage. Would be more ironic if i put Spidey on this preview. Electro sprite poses of this sequence are wonderfully done by Verz36. Teleport and  fx edits by me. The pixel hyper portrait it's a new remixed version of Sei + Verz36 with a new head i've edited to fit the style of other portraits. However gif timing somehow doesn't look right here and currently there's something extra coded to this hyper.

Custom Sprite edits by Verz36 for this hyper... can you guess the bases?

Well i hope you guys like this small preview!
We can't stop, won't stop...sucking up our free time. Cheers!