More Electro news here.

We decided for a new stand to make this char quickly recognizable as new and different.
So I've been sprite editing this new stand for Electro by some time:

The electrical effects it's also modified to match this new position ingame.
Here some screenshot gif also featuring 2 palettes, different fx for each one.
( don't mind the colorloss, in game it's much better)

Another preview.
A remixed Special Move (anti-aerial type), this one with Verz36 sprites from a old move.
Not exactly the eventual "captain corridor" kind of type we used to know,
there's a increase of size and startup time dependent of buttons pressed.

I plan also making this a chargeable move... maybe.
High Voltage! :)



Hello guys! It's been awhile since last post here... things being a bit slowly since RL has been kinda hectic/weird/tiredsome lately for me leaving almost no time for online stuff. But it's not like there's nothing in development all this time... I'll post some stuff that I've been doing for the new Electro in the works with Verz36.

We used to call him  Electro "Recharge"  instead of just a update... because it's much more than a simple updated of a char. Like explained on a previous post this is a totally new version coded from scratch and featuring new concepts, animations, effects and new dub voices by Hyper Voice Acting.

So a bit more of Electro news here.

I've been helping Verz on the sprite development of this wip adding new details to Electro's costume like the zap lines on legs and gloves. There's also some full new sprite edits and anims I've been doing for Electro... these are some of the new stuff in the works: a teleport (part of a special), a new laucher, walkback, movie intro.

Sprite edits by Loganir:
- - - -

Verz36 also working on new sprites and reediting previous ones to giving a better quality to this char. Below there's some new animations Verz36 did for Electro, some people alredy seen a few of these posted on mugen forums around. Don't mind the missing details of the first gif... it's alredy added and realigned like you guys can see in action screenshots below.

Sprite edits by Verz36: 
- - -

Now some screenshot gifs with the char in game action. These features a new special move "Volts Revolt" and the Hyper "Megawatt Destroyer". Those are almost fully coded missing only minor details and balances.

Also here's a new winpose Verz36 did edited over SFA Adon. Seeing the anim I had this idea of adding some sort of  "Tesla coil" eletric effect into it to making things a bit dramatic... hope you guys like it.

The other it's a intro and was posted on forums around for awhile with Electro coming out of a radio. This is a suggestion by ANC from Unlimited. It's unfinished yet and there's plans to add some new stuff for this intro.

This is Electro year debuting at big screens, we focusing in the comic book version but some palettes closer to the movie visual it's also in the works.

That's all for now, hope you guys enjoyed the preview.... there's a lot more stuff cooking for Electro.

On a side note... these past months I need to delete several SPAM comments on this blog. Blogger not filtering at all spammers hacking on older posts here and I don't have time anymore to keep track and deleting this kind of boring thing anymore. Maybe some of guys noticed why anonymous comments are blocked for awhile... and limiting to captcha and logged users not worked at all too. 

So all comments are disabled on this blog until I find a workaround for this issue. Anything else or suggestions for chars you guys can contact me at forums or email.