Hello guys!

After the holidays I had some spare time to finish something... so I'm releasing a few stages today.

- PARADISE ISLAND RETURNS --- A new stage with many new features. This is supposed to be the new home for the upcoming Wonder Woman update. A few sprite edit examples made for this stage

- _____________________-
Amazon guard                                                          Palas Athena statue

- HIPPOLYTA'S PALACE ----  a extra stage featuring the pre-New 52 despiction of the amazon Queen.
Due to mugen limitations I did a trick to show floor reflections properly on this stage.

 -  HIGH VOLTAGE ----- a stage created with the collaboration of Verz36. This is for our upcoming Electro update and features 2 ground levels, Parallax and cameos related to Electro from Marvel universe.  A few cameo examples below:
- -

The villain Boomerang___ by Verz36                   The Zzzax creature___by Loganir

We put a lot of effort on this stage, and I hope you guys enjoy it.

Also major update on my other old custom stages, with new content sprite wise or codewise.
Gamma base - Asgard Bifrost - Shield Helicarrier (day version).

- - -

There's also a new version for the Shield Helicarrier (invasion - night version),  released first on the demo for the upcoming Nestor's Marvel vs Capcom UDB project and now it's avaliable here on my blog too.

All stages can be downloaded from stages section
Enjoy !

NEW update info 1/5/14 -:   tweak on Asgard Bifrost background layer.


  1. Man Loganir, is there anything you can't do in mugen! I mean seriously, everything you do from characters to stages is out of this world! Just awesome stuff as usual.

    Great Job. Makes me push harder to make good quality characters my self for my WIPS.


  2. Eu aposto que você fez tudo isso só com o começo de suas férias, então jajá sai a mulher maravilha e hulk kkk...

    Sério eu tô tentando fazer sprites bonitos mas quando olho pros seus eu vejo que ainda falta um bocado.

  3. Que magnifico, nem tem como descrever esses cenários, os da Mulher Maravilha são de encher os olhos, principalmente pra quem é fã dela como eu, o palácio da hipólita ficou magnifico demais e a criatura morta pelas amazonas ficou perfeito. que bom que o melhor criador de mugen resolveu faze-lá, obrigado pelos lançamentos e boa sorte com todos os outros wips.

    1. Loganir, uma coisinha, o arquivo do aeroporta aviões da Shied veio sem o sff, eu tentei usar o da antiga fase e o carro voador simplesmente não aparece, poderia corrigir?

    2. Valeu mesmo pelas palavras e pelo toque do Helicarrier, reupei o arquivo faltando. :)

  4. Your skills with 2d sprites are amazing, i always liked your stages the most. Thanks for sharing, and happy new year! :)
    Old Shield Helicarrier stage seems missing the sff file though.

  5. Thanks for the kind words guys!!!

    my bad about the missing sff on Shield Helicarrier day version. So it's alredy reuploaded now :)

  6. love your work man, can't wait for your thor ww and she hulk


    I think electro's is my favorite...but then again is that a slain minotaur in ww's stage? hell yeah
    also you ever thought of doing a falling sky scraper stage...I seen one way back in the mugen day but it was buggy.

    just got through reading a collection of john byrne and a idea for a she hulk stage is the one story where she is trapped in a tv world except all the cartoons are real like flintstones, and bugs bunny...it had doctor bong

    I think electro's is my favorite...but then again is that a slain minotaur in ww's stage? hell yeah.

    1. Hey Warecus! Glad you liking Electro stage... Verz36 and I started cooking that since november and the results pay off. Yeah... those amazons declared zero tolerance to all minotaurs around Paradise island lol.

      Gonna check that falling sky scraper stage you mentioned, and about she-hulk stage I remember that story with doctor bong.lol It's the most funny and weird on Byrne run satirizing comic book and cartoon clichés, only losing for that one where she switched bodies with her friend Louise Mason.

      I have plans to create something like a tribunal or something more related to her super-human lawyer work... more focused in Dan Slott run in the books. :)

    2. maybe a cosmic courtroom with living tribunal as the judge, infinity, oblivion, death, and galactus, master order, lord chaos, and elders of the universe as jury

    3. You got it man... when she was part of the Magistrati! :)

  7. Dude, these are amazing. Love the attention to detail and how you fill in the stages with so much character and action.
    Love all the music for the stages. Where do you find this music? I'd like to hear more, to listen to at work or while doing stuff at home.
    Did you draw those horses from scratch or has a base? I've been planning to do a CPS2 style centaur sprite in the near future. Not sure where best to look for horse sprites.
    Anyway, top notch work.

    - Twinimage

    1. Hey Thx for the words Twinimage! :)

      Edit: actually scratch the info from before... checked my rips folder again and it's from other game.That horses are edited from Breakers Revenge, Condor stage. ;)

      For a centaur CPS2 style you can try resize the horses from Jojo Bizarre, the ones on WW hyper.

      Cool you liked the musics, they are from various different authors and selected because of something in common with each stage.... Those are from OSTs that I've been collecting by years and favorite artists from many games I've played along... since SNES era. If you check the readme of each stage it's mentioned the author music, album and even links to find more gems like these ;)

    2. there is a sprite on your char download page of she hulk swinging two 100 ton weights...I hope you keep that and make it a knock down special or apart of a hyper

    3. that's a old sprite frame... initially it was planned as a winpose. I'll keep that and can also work for a hyper finalization too. ;)

  8. also hope with intros for ww is that the 600 pal she has a leather jacket she throws off before the fight and with the classic she has a trenchcoat like in jim lee all star batman

    what would be really cool is take advantage of her mythical background and maybe give her some moves like kratos...like a really scary medusa head that freezes pl2

    1. Those are nice ideas for the intros in those palettes man. I will do something like that. About God of War moves... i can't guarantee a medusa move but there will be some stuff inspired from those games.

      The curious thing it's currently Wonder Woman is the new God of War on comic books, after she killed Ares and took his position in the greek gods pantheon. Wondy it's a character that always looking for peace and now it's the god of war himself.
      New 52 lol!!!!

  9. cool I hope you can do a medusa head. it might be hard to have every char turn grey...though thanos by alucard has it and it works on most chars. maybe to get around it is have it work like iceman's throw where he grabs you and ice chunks form on player 2 and stuns them a bit. just recolor the ice chunks brown I guess or use a combination of alucard's thanos xcota code to get desired effect

    1. Actually it's pretty easy changing the color of the opponent using a palfx on custom states.
      The point it's I don't think Diana would use a gorgon like that as a conventional weapon everytime, just in rare special occasions.... or like a hyper move maybe.;)

    2. yeah definately

      if it was part of a hyper you could really go nuts with the detail of the gorgan head and eye effects (I keep thinking of the effects from dragon's crown's medusa)...maybe as an opener and have zeus throw a lightning storm down as a finisher.

      but all in all I hope you give her some more greek god/kratos vibe

  10. Parabéns pelo stages Loganir todos estão perfeitos uma atualização pra lá de boa e mano eu queria pedir um grande favor seu o Shield Helicarrier (invasion - night version) está muito perfeito mais eu queria pedir para voce sobe a Cammy no stage eo outro caras de verde eu queria que eles continuassem no stage mais que a cor da roupa deles mudasse para não parecer da capcom e que a Cammy trocasse o cabelo roupa algo que não faça parecer a Cammy eu ja te pedir isso uma vez Obrigado :D

    1. Valeu Wendel Reis!!! se você leu o readme do stage tem uma razão para eles estarem lá. Mas é bem simples se você quiser desabilitar esses chars da capcom, abre o def. num editor de texto e encontre o [BG reddelta] & [BG reddeltacammy].... simplesmente delete aquela parte e salve o arquivo. Eles não vão mais aparecer no seu mugen ok :)

  11. Valeu Mano e Parabéns pelo Projeto Mvsc :D, e pior que eu pensei nisto e sei fazer isto, o ruim é que eu tenho mo choque de deixar algo errado no stage mesmo fazendo isso a muito tempo kkkkkk mais farei obrigado