This is a preview for a custom mvsc style stage heavily inspired on Rocksteady`s "Batman Arkham Asylum" game. The Botanical Gardens.

I've been doing this stage in collaboration with Harbinger. He contact me with a initial idea for a Ivy's themed stage and we cooking this so far, but still missing some cool features in the works.

This stage it's for Harbinger and Zvitor's upcoming Poison Ivy character being worked for Unlimited team's Batman project "Gotham Knights".

Also here a little small preview of more new stuff for Wonder Woman in the works.
More news on this later!



Hello guys!

After the holidays I had some spare time to finish something... so I'm releasing a few stages today.

- PARADISE ISLAND RETURNS --- A new stage with many new features. This is supposed to be the new home for the upcoming Wonder Woman update. A few sprite edit examples made for this stage

- _____________________-
Amazon guard                                                          Palas Athena statue

- HIPPOLYTA'S PALACE ----  a extra stage featuring the pre-New 52 despiction of the amazon Queen.
Due to mugen limitations I did a trick to show floor reflections properly on this stage.

 -  HIGH VOLTAGE ----- a stage created with the collaboration of Verz36. This is for our upcoming Electro update and features 2 ground levels, Parallax and cameos related to Electro from Marvel universe.  A few cameo examples below:
- -

The villain Boomerang___ by Verz36                   The Zzzax creature___by Loganir

We put a lot of effort on this stage, and I hope you guys enjoy it.

Also major update on my other old custom stages, with new content sprite wise or codewise.
Gamma base - Asgard Bifrost - Shield Helicarrier (day version).

- - -

There's also a new version for the Shield Helicarrier (invasion - night version),  released first on the demo for the upcoming Nestor's Marvel vs Capcom UDB project and now it's avaliable here on my blog too.

All stages can be downloaded from stages section
Enjoy !

NEW update info 1/5/14 -:   tweak on Asgard Bifrost background layer.