BY ODIN'S BEARD ! ... Another Thor 2.0 preview

"Waves are but water. Wind but air. 
And though lightning be fire...yet it must answer thunder's call."

 Hello guys !  Asgardian feelings are in the air with the new Thor Movie around so let's talk about the  2.0 update for the mugen char I've been cooking so far. He changed a lot since the last preview I did here ok.

First to note it's the new color separation that I've been cooking since April of this year. I noticed after the release of the AVX project in the beginning of this year that some people liked to use the classic look more than the other that uses Arkady's color separation... and afterall I wanted this 2.0 update to retain the classic Jack Kirby look in the same char, among a few others. So I created a different smart palette approuch that will allow all the new details I wanted so far and resemble at same time older palettes with minor differences... So Thor 2.0 will not be only the Coipel (armored)  look anymore.

Thor has been redraw like this now: 
( this new "smart texture" i'm doing is crazyness I know :P ) 

This allows many costumes and here's a few examples of that:

"Marvel Now " // Kirby (Classic)

Coipel ( Modern) // Movie //  Simonson ( RuneKing)

I also put here the remixed version of the HYPER PORTRAIT, where I redid it entirely to fit this new look...so the single sprites receiving color separation and also a new helmet and Mjolnir design, a Rune logo smart paletted that can turn into a "T" on his belt and a lot more of new details, like beard etc...The only detail that will be added later it's the extension of his tunic, and that will be a "explod" only appearing on his armored palettes. So this is one of the reasons the update taking so long to conclude.

Thor's also receiving new animations to replace old ones that I'm not entirely satisfied...  as a example below there's the new walk animation. This one is based on his MvC3 appearance.

And he's gonna have new stuff too... this intro in particular I made it inspired by that scene from the Avengers movie... when he gets Mjolnir back and shards of the hammer build up his armor.

It's the one in  the screenshot movie at the beginning of this post ;)

Will trigger only in armor costumes of course.

Well there's also new specials and remixed versions of old moves.... but this is for another post.  
Hope you guys liked this small preview!

And about the new Thor movie... I'm gonna watch it later today. The movie released earlier here in Brazil this weekend. Who knows... maybe I get inspired to finish Thor 2.0 sooner than expected ! :)