Recently a friend bring to my attention this new game released by Vanillaware, the Dragon's Crown.

This fantastic game created by George Kamitani certainly draw the eye for those who love 2D games and art... plus needless to say I'm a big fan of side scrolling beat'n ups with a RPG touch like his previous work Odin's Sphere.

There's some polemics and critics around about this game because of the exaggerated and sexualised character designs. Dragon's Crown has a very unique art style with different designs. Everyone has their opinion on the art style of course. Well I think it fits with the genre of swords and sorcery and for what it's worth, I like this game aesthetic.

In particular for me and concerning Mugen, the lovely Amazon Warrior character with her comically massive thighs will be used as reference for the She-Hulk char I've been working so far. heh. :)


This is something I did just for fun inspired by Dragon's Crown. "What if..." universes collide???
                        --------------- Vanillaware vs. Marvel vs. DC ----------------                     


We could have something like... ( sorry Chun-li, you are out of  league on this one. lol)
"Battle of 3T's: True Thunder Thighs" 

And maybe the:
 "Amazing battle of Amazon vs. Amazon"

Just for fun... still working on my wips. 
See ya! :)