NEWS AND Scruffydragon

So... long time without posting here.
Needless to say, I was over my head with many extra work in RL 

to even bother posting something here. And of course... 
I did a few things for mugen along the way in these past months.

But before that I want to clarify and make public something here.


Well I tried to ignore this... 
but people keeping asking me about Scruffyversarys events.
what is my next release there....what's happening to that forum... etc. 

and it's better make this clear:

I don't consider myself a ScruffyDragon by a long time now.

Since my return I found too many things that I totally disagree about the forum admin 

and people telling me awful things about bad attitudes and situations there over the years.
To a point I don't even consider logging in that forum anymore... my last login was years ago.

There's other matters, like taking my entire old website without contacting me just

for the sake of a few more bucks with adsense and also other disturbing things.....
But since this looks like it's resolved I don't want to extend it anymore with dramas.

Disappointement... this resumes what I think about Scruffydragon 
( in particular his administrator the Dragon King MAGU$ )

Well I don't need to say anything else... 
I wish a Good Luck to the other Scruffys and hope somehow the spark that 
made Scruffydragon a really good fan forum in the past could return for people.

Now back to the regular stuff...
Preview of some stuff created these past months:

- A new kick for SheHulk ( edited over her MvsC3 model)

- Haggar Violent Hammer.... I did this for Bizarrotoro, 
i don't remenber if it's going to be used on a Bor char or not.

- The BlackBird, will be used on a new "Astonishing" Cyclops char 

- My take on Emma Frost...again for a Cyclops "winpose" 
(edited over Asura Buster Rosemary)

My next post will be about details of this Cyclops version, 
Im working with Verz36 on him and probably will be my next 
release before anything else.

I alredy told this but it's best make it clear again.
I don't work with computers anymore... that means I don't acess internet 
like before because of  my actual business and time... I just go online rarely and 
a few times when coming at home,  and im not around forums too much because i prefer 
usually using this free time to work on some chars stuff. 
It's just for fun I'm still doing things for this crazy shit called mugen.

So rest assured that all wips they will still come out... even if in a slow rate ok.