Cyclops Preview

"Astonishing Cyclops" by Verz36 and Loganir

Official topic:

So Verz asked my help with this wip some time ago and we started working on Cykes new stuff.

When I come abord this wip  the majority of  sprite work for basics are almost completed 
brilliantly by Verz  leaving little to be done on this matter, so Im focusing in creating the codes,
new fx, spriting some specials and hypers and new stuff  for Cykes with Verz.

Here I'll preview some of the MAKING OFFs and comments for this character moveset.

- Special Optic Rain
Startup avoid projectiles, this move was design to avoid and counterattack fireball frenzy enemys.

- Mega Optic Blast Remix --- this will be a button mashing version of the move, still needs some stuff.
* Optic fx by McCready.
Edit post: and also a correction of credits.... hyperportrait by Pyche.

- Mega Optic Crush ---- this still need some alignment work on custom states
* Optic fx by McCready and HyperPortrait by Loganir

 - This is a remix for the classic Optic Sweep... added different functions and angles for the
move depending on buttons pressed.

More news about Cyclops soon, some great cameos are in the works by Verz36 and I,
specially the ones from the Astonishing series and AvsX .