AVENGERS ASSEMBLE !!! -- Hyper Chain section

Last week I`ve watched the AVENGERS movie,
in my opinion is the best Marvel movie created until now.
All elements from a good  comic book are there:
the interaction between characters, the egos exposed, the powers, dialogues, action.
Joss Whedon knows exactly what strings to pull in the right time. Kudos to him.

One of the things I  found a good surprise it`s the acting from Tom Hiddleston.
Unlike his first time as Loki on the THOR movie, now he shines greatly and created a
very credible god of mischief. The best actor of the movie in my opinion.

Downey Jr. is a great presence too but come on...
he`s acting like this "as himself" since ancient times.
Air America, Pickup Artist etc.

Everyone knows Tony Stark is not funny like that
on comic books, it`s cool to watch him but since the
Ironman movies that decharacterization made me
a bit unconfortable.

And that ending...
looks like the next years will be great for all Marvel movie fans like me out there.
All in all this set up a high standard for the super-hero gender.
I dunno how they will gonna make the solo movies more interesting than this.

Well... all this is just my simple input to a movie I liked!
So let's kick back to things mugen related.

Let`s talk about the hyper team move.  
The Hyper Chain.
For those who don`t know yet...
It`s something I created for my characters
focused in cameo apparisions from the comic book
universe that character belong.

A.K.A. Fan Service :)

Consist on 3 levels (sections) that can be chained. Each section it's triggered
by smashing buttons and if you have enough power bar left the next section appears.

Like I said in a previous post one of the sections from Thor`s Hyper Chain
is with his fellows Avengers.
They appear to build up time for Thor channel his godly energies through Mjolnir into a blast
so powerful that can slay even immortals.

This is a Work in progress with 70% coded and sprited.
Still missing:

 - Animate Hawkeye sprite and FX for his part
-  Ironman Extremis - jet boots effect
-  Thor final blast  - he`s only charging up by now.
-  including another Avenger? maybe yes...maybe no. 

    but who with so many good options?


YouTube? Nah.... 
Behold, the evil color loss from the mighty GifTube service !  LOL


  1. Looks very nice. Although I kinda don't like the idea of this Avengers hyper combo.

    1.) Iron Man and Cap. America already have MUGEN variations so it might seem weird if, say, you fight Magus' Iron Man with this new Thor and it's pretty much two Tonys on screen or two Caps.

    2.) That Iron Man sprite looks so great that I really want you to make an Extremis Iron Man instead of shoehorning him as a cameo LOL

    But that's just my opinion. You go with whatever you want

    1. 1.) I see your point. The suggestion from NX-MEN below will be worked about that.
      BTW Magus' Iron Man is in fact a Skrull... you didn't know that ?!?!?!? LOL

      2.) hehehe.... I'm really considering it.
      thanks for your comment !

    2. 2.) That would be amazing. I doubt this will happen anytime soon but still ... my god *starry eyes*

  2. Fala mlk!! Caraco... Fantástico...
    Mandou mto bem!! A Intermission tem uma paleta mto legal pro Capicolé... se eu encontrar o pattern e cores q ela usou, vou te mandar. Tenho um arco diferente, talvez sirva de alguma coisa...

    Esse Hawkeye tá mto legal... será q rola de modificar o do Kalang pra ficar asssim? XD

    1. Opa valeu pelo comment Navs!
      Se encontrar manda pra mim junto com o arco :)
      também to pensando em adicionar aqueles bolsos no cinto e as escamas que o Cap tem nas Hqs.
      e o Kalangueb será que voltou a fazer + coisa do Clint... faz anos que vi esse wip dele no privado da mugenesis.

  3. Wow!!! Nice idea of Level3 Avenger Hyper. An addition of Hulk in this hyper will be great!! However since Hulk, Cap America and Iron are already mugenised maybe the code of the hyper should be altered in order the char that is the opponent(for example the opponent is hulk) will not appear in Thor's Hyper.

    Hope u will still keep the old level3 hyper on the older version of Thor too!!!:)

    Btw the stage on the gif pic is very good!!! Was it ever released?

    Well keep up the great work as always!!! :)

    1. ^^^THIS^^^
      I`ll work on that idea a bit more so if the oponnent it`s alredy a Avenger mugen character, another member will replace him.
      Like Vision, Tigra, Hulk, Herc etc.. I'll add a poll to the blog about it.
      I can`t promisse a Level3 hyper like the old one, it`s unbalanced.
      But the 3 warriors and Ray Bill will reapear in other sections of HC.

      That stage is Wonder Woman new place "Themyscira Nights". I`m still working on it.
      Thanks for the comment!

  4. como meu amigo NX-MEN disse o vingador que falta eo hulk e eu concordo mais que tal colocar o Sentry ai tbm ficaria muito bom

    1. como to como animo sou 007

    2. O serviço secreto britânico postando no meu blog ?!?! LOL
      Legal a idéia do Sentry, vou fazer um poll com alguns Vingadores
      pra escolherem quais serão spritados :)

  5. Another brilliant idea man, i too loved avengers and this move will fit in great

  6. curti a viuva eheheheh...meu visual preferido dela

  7. The 4 avengers that served pretty well throughout their history are not included WonderMan,Quicksilver,Ms. Marvel,Quasar...all of them are also worthy mentions.

    1. Yes you're right, and more expressive former members are out of the poll like Sersi, Justice, Namor, Photon, Falcon, Beast etc..etc.
      So I picked at least one from the best lineups between 1963>>2005
      Those that I always liked to see in action.
      and you guys will choose the most voted that'll be sprited and coded.

  8. That new hyper is looking really cool. Where do you find your special effects for these attacks, or do you draw them yourself? For instance, the beam that Ironman shoots. I don't recall seeing that effect before.

    1. Yes I draw the hitsparks, they are originals.
      But that Extremis beam effect in particular it's a FX edited
      from Melty Blood.

  9. if you would put another avenger, i would include hulk, scarlet witch or quicksilver...

  10. you can use stuff from my Wonder man :)

  11. NOOOOOOOOO!!!!
    Hercules no, plz!
    Vision is a more iconic avengers.
    and maybe is just me, but i tink hulk dont fit to one team hyper, a team hyper with hulk should be something like:
    all avengers jump at screen, then tony said "lets sit here while hulk do our job".

  12. So happy to have you back in action! Just passing by to say good luck with your projects, hope to see some DC characters too!

  13. There is a guy called ''HyperSonic92'' he is creating togheter with ''Arkady'' Black Widow for Mugen, and that kick looks awesome to her, reminds me about theyre sprite style lol

    Hope to see more from you soon Loganir! Legend!

    1. I doubt Loganir here really cares about their char.

  14. hey everyone... Thanks for all the comments !

    It seems that the Vision is the character most chosen by all so far.
    What surprises me is so many votes for the Hulk, perhaps because of the movie.
    and the poll continues. I'm considering doing 2 of the avengers most voted.

  15. herc would be cool but why not put hulk in? you already have thor essentially he doesn't really need the avengers and tony can say the same about him.

    i vote herc,sorry i dont't know where the poll is

    1. Looks like Herc it's the most voted too followed by Hulk
      but wait....
      you can't see the poll here on the left under
      the menu with the avengers options?
      I've tested on Firefox, IE and Chrome and shows ok.

    2. sorry about that, found it, still going for herc and the adamantine mace

  16. found it, sorry about that, still hoping for herc with adamantine mace

  17. Loganir, Sou grande fan seu! Meus parabéns!! o melhor Thor já feito na historia...perfeito..estou ansioso pra jogar com ele... tem previsão de lançamento??? =]

    Uma ideia para finalizar o hyper: depois de todos os vingadores baterem, o Thor pode dar o golpe que ele desferiu no Sentinela no Cerco 4, sabe? uma martelada de cima pra baixo que pega até o chão e cai aquele raio enorme e destruidor no oponente...

    Gostei da ideia de que se o vingador do hyper estiver jogado ele seria substituído por outro. Sei que da muito trabalho, mas seria interessante se você substituísse cada vingador por outro fixo, por exemplo, se Thor joga contra o Caps, então o substituto seria o Nick Fury (igual ao do filme e realidade ultimate), se for o Homem de Ferro, substitui pelo Warmachine, se for o Hulk, substitui pelo Hercules (que tomou a revista do hulk um tempo atra), se for a BlackWidow, coloca a Miss Marvel ou Vespa no lugar, e se for o Gavião, coloca o Vision...

    Como grande fan do Thor que sou, e como sei que todos os fans do Thor querem, gostaria de ver os tres guerreiros, o beta ray bill, a sif e ate mesmo o Odin, Balder e Tyr (rsrs Sei que é muita gente ^^)...sei la, nas poses de vitoria ou algo assim, intro antes da luta...


    1. Legal as sugestões do golpe e Vingadores. Sim, vai ter os asgardianos também mas não todos.
      Agora previsão de lançamento é provável que eu termine antes a She-Hulk e outro char surpresa que estou desenvolvendo com um amigo.
      Então vai demorar um pouco ainda. Valeu pelo comment !

    2. Valeu pela resposta Loganir! Bom, torço para que esse novo Thor saia ate Julho...rs...um char surpresa, hein...oO Tomara que seja o Loki ou Odin..kkk (Odin baseado no Thanos ia ser foda...)

      P.S.: Poxa, libera ai mais uns gifs do Thor e quantos porcentos ele esta pronto.. =]

      Bom, obrigado mesmo e Boa sorte!

  18. Simply beautiful, I can not believe, he returned the king of the sprites and precursor of the dc and marvel chars original, the animation is spectacular thor.

    1. Hey man, I don't think I'm too good like that
      but Thanks for the comment! :)

  19. Hey Loganir, how you doing? Some questions here:

    Will you make more special outros? (like Wonder Woman vs. Thor)

    Can you give us an estimated percentage on She-hulk? Cant wait for her! :)

    Keep up the good work, everything is looking great!

    1. Yes there'll be more intros/outros for Thor.
      Probably if we take into account everything I want to do with her...
      I can say 1% done alredy........ lol

      Now serious, the date for a release and her progress
      totally depends on the free time I'm having with mugen.
      On my line of work on RL this changes a lot.

    2. Ei meu caro colega sempre fui fã da sua arte gosto muito de mugen e edito algumas coisas para minha diversao propia por um tempo atraz estava birncando aqui e saiu um hiper vingadores no qual eu iria colocar no meu Hulk ,mas nao consegui codifica-lo (sou pessimo nisso hehehe)mas achei o visual legal e talvez caso lhe interesse voce possa usar sem problemas (eu ficaria maravilhado hehehe) aqui esta a imagen [img]https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-6wQZi3r7cB0/UPtaUriMdJI/AAAAAAAAChw/VJpzqtIPSVc/s384/avante%2520vingadores2.gif[/img]

    3. Fala cara, tudo bem?
      Legal o hyper que vc tá bolando pro seu char... se quiser usar o marteludo ta ok. hehe.
      vi uns outros moves custom que vc fez pro Hulk bem legais.