AVENGERS ASSEMBLE !!! -- Hyper Chain section

Last week I`ve watched the AVENGERS movie,
in my opinion is the best Marvel movie created until now.
All elements from a good  comic book are there:
the interaction between characters, the egos exposed, the powers, dialogues, action.
Joss Whedon knows exactly what strings to pull in the right time. Kudos to him.

One of the things I  found a good surprise it`s the acting from Tom Hiddleston.
Unlike his first time as Loki on the THOR movie, now he shines greatly and created a
very credible god of mischief. The best actor of the movie in my opinion.

Downey Jr. is a great presence too but come on...
he`s acting like this "as himself" since ancient times.
Air America, Pickup Artist etc.

Everyone knows Tony Stark is not funny like that
on comic books, it`s cool to watch him but since the
Ironman movies that decharacterization made me
a bit unconfortable.

And that ending...
looks like the next years will be great for all Marvel movie fans like me out there.
All in all this set up a high standard for the super-hero gender.
I dunno how they will gonna make the solo movies more interesting than this.

Well... all this is just my simple input to a movie I liked!
So let's kick back to things mugen related.

Let`s talk about the hyper team move.  
The Hyper Chain.
For those who don`t know yet...
It`s something I created for my characters
focused in cameo apparisions from the comic book
universe that character belong.

A.K.A. Fan Service :)

Consist on 3 levels (sections) that can be chained. Each section it's triggered
by smashing buttons and if you have enough power bar left the next section appears.

Like I said in a previous post one of the sections from Thor`s Hyper Chain
is with his fellows Avengers.
They appear to build up time for Thor channel his godly energies through Mjolnir into a blast
so powerful that can slay even immortals.

This is a Work in progress with 70% coded and sprited.
Still missing:

 - Animate Hawkeye sprite and FX for his part
-  Ironman Extremis - jet boots effect
-  Thor final blast  - he`s only charging up by now.
-  including another Avenger? maybe yes...maybe no. 

    but who with so many good options?


YouTube? Nah.... 
Behold, the evil color loss from the mighty GifTube service !  LOL