Today I had some free time to conclude this intro.
I used Popims to create the morph effect but need to redraw
and clean everything on Aseprite.... some complications with her smart pallete.
I'm still need to do some little fixes.



On Mugen she'll have a Gamma aura effect around her when morphing to Shulkie.
Probably I'll edit a version for this intro with the classic 80's Jennifer look too.
This one with the scarf and purple/red pants.



Some time ago Ben Singer from Screwattack.com
contact me about some help to his next Death Battle episode.

He needed some sprites for a match between Thor and Raiden.
Who is the true God of Thunder?

The result is a very cool animation that can be watched here:

The fun fight really start at 05:30 on the video,  skip to that if you want see the fight starting.

Many kudos to Mr. Lange for the animation using my Thor sprites.

If you don`t know Screwattack Death battles, go out there and watch
the hilarious and epic fights between chars like  Mario vs Sonic, Haggar vs Zangief
and the most surprising Rogue vs Wonder Woman.



AVENGERS ASSEMBLE !!! -- Hyper Chain section

Last week I`ve watched the AVENGERS movie,
in my opinion is the best Marvel movie created until now.
All elements from a good  comic book are there:
the interaction between characters, the egos exposed, the powers, dialogues, action.
Joss Whedon knows exactly what strings to pull in the right time. Kudos to him.

One of the things I  found a good surprise it`s the acting from Tom Hiddleston.
Unlike his first time as Loki on the THOR movie, now he shines greatly and created a
very credible god of mischief. The best actor of the movie in my opinion.

Downey Jr. is a great presence too but come on...
he`s acting like this "as himself" since ancient times.
Air America, Pickup Artist etc.

Everyone knows Tony Stark is not funny like that
on comic books, it`s cool to watch him but since the
Ironman movies that decharacterization made me
a bit unconfortable.

And that ending...
looks like the next years will be great for all Marvel movie fans like me out there.
All in all this set up a high standard for the super-hero gender.
I dunno how they will gonna make the solo movies more interesting than this.

Well... all this is just my simple input to a movie I liked!
So let's kick back to things mugen related.

Let`s talk about the hyper team move.  
The Hyper Chain.
For those who don`t know yet...
It`s something I created for my characters
focused in cameo apparisions from the comic book
universe that character belong.

A.K.A. Fan Service :)

Consist on 3 levels (sections) that can be chained. Each section it's triggered
by smashing buttons and if you have enough power bar left the next section appears.

Like I said in a previous post one of the sections from Thor`s Hyper Chain
is with his fellows Avengers.
They appear to build up time for Thor channel his godly energies through Mjolnir into a blast
so powerful that can slay even immortals.

This is a Work in progress with 70% coded and sprited.
Still missing:

 - Animate Hawkeye sprite and FX for his part
-  Ironman Extremis - jet boots effect
-  Thor final blast  - he`s only charging up by now.
-  including another Avenger? maybe yes...maybe no. 

    but who with so many good options?


YouTube? Nah.... 
Behold, the evil color loss from the mighty GifTube service !  LOL