More She-Hulk at request

I do not know why but some people in these last days are sending me a few emails asking about Shulkie.
So I decided to post more info about her.

Here's some palettes in the works. I still didn't defined what will be chosen. Surely the FF, Avengers Classic,
Lyra and Red Betty will be maintained.

click on the image for original size:

One of these palettes alludes to Byrne's classic run in She-hulk comics where he made Jennifer switch bodies with her friend Louise "Weezie".

And speaking of John Byrne, I'm planning a hyper lv.3 with a car. But it is different from what exists in MvsC3.Would be using her old 1959 Dodge with flight powers. This will be part of a "Hyper Chain" featuring some guests from her versions "sensational" "savage" and "Lady Liberators".
I'm still working on it ...

Plus I am studying the gameplay for MvsC3. She-Hulk will also use the button layout from the game.
Probably I will implement it on my other characters in future updates too.
She-Hulk specials will be custom and some from MvsC3.

A few more gifs:

+ "Get up lie down" (unfinished)


  1. Oh my THAT'S Awesome!
    I really miss your characters
    any chance we'll see her in action soon?

    1. Well not so soon, but basics completed I'll post a youtube video or something like that

  2. Thighs challenge
    I want to see Chun-li vs She-hulk
    yall need to wish that you could get between those thighs

  3. Amazing progress Log. Though care if I make some suggestions?

    1.)Add into the smart pal the F4 symbol on her chest and a while section around her neck for a more accurate F4 costume. Unless you don't want to that is
    2.) Nix the 3rd, 4th, and 5th pals on the 3rd row
    3.) This is more of a preference thing, but I'd rather you keep the 6 button layout, not a big fan of MvC3's 4 button layout. But it's your char, so you do whatever you want
    4.) Perhaps some special intros against Hulk, Wolverine, and maybe Deadpool
    5.) I'd like to see ya use her MvC3 voice clips, unless you have something planned for her voice
    6.) I'd love an intro with her in lawyer clothes or a judge's robe and she just rips them off

    Those are my two cents. She looks outstanding regardless. Good luck with her. Oh and Happy Easter!

    1. All noted and some alredy on the board.
      About The 6/4 buttons I'm planning the MvsC3 layout but a separate 6 button
      to choose on a extra cmd file. Alredy using her voice from MvsC3.
      Thanks for the suggestions!

    2. Glad I could be of assistance. Can't wait to see a video of this soon. This will probably be one of my top downloads

  4. wait a sec, i thought u were retired from mugen :S .. is GREAT new to know that u are not, amazing work as always, greetings and keep this up.

  5. Wow!!!! I am so glad that u are back!! U are a mugen Legend!!!

    Your She-Hulk is amazing!!!!

    Excellent work on her!!!

    I like the idea to add into the smart pal the F4 symbol on her chest in order to be compatible with the FF costume!!!

    Keep up the excellent work!!!

    P.S hope we often see the progress here on all your wips!! I noticed u update Thor too!! Good luck on it!!!

    1. Hello! about the F4 logo:
      I'm receiving proposals from people who wants to help on this matter.
      so yes let's see what'll happen.

      My work & family consumes me lots (if not all) time these last years
      but I'll try update this blog at least one time a month...or every weekend.
      Yes Thor will receive a visual update and WonderWoman too (the new 52)

      Nikolas... Thanks for your words. I received your email. :)

    2. Well good luck man, and don't feel like you have to rush yourself on our behalf. Family comes first.

      Can't wait to see Thor 2.0, I'd like to see a Wonder Woman update but I rather not see a New 52 look (New 52 kinda bothers me)

  6. hey bro I'm loving your she-hulk
    can you include juggernault in a intro
    or something like that hypers team you did on thor

    1. You mean Juggernaut... why?
      I don't think Juggy a good idea
      but she'll have a team hyper with other characters.

    2. I agree, no Juggernaut. Can't wait to see the other chars in your hyper idea though

  7. uhu, que bom ver esse wip devolta e melhorado.
    Boa sorte e um video, mesmo que basico, seria dahora.

    1. Fala Zvitor! Videos vai demorar ainda. Falando em video to curtindo os do seu projeto de BOR, tá ficando show! it's us on the tape bro! :)

  8. Olá Loganir, sou brasileiro também e fã do seu trabalho. Realizamos alguns encontros em São Paulo (Xfields, OIlusionista, Lizzard, Xperto...) mas nunca conseguimos entrar em contato com vc. É muito bom ver um trabalho seu novamente. Parabéns, a qualidade continua surpreendente! :)

    1. Valeu cara.. Então você é de Sampa!
      Conheço (não pessoalmente) o Ilu, Lizzard e o Fields da época do forum da Mgbr, tudo gente boa. Saudades daquela época. :)

  9. Hey man - most of us got into what we're doing because of your characters. Awesome to see you back at it.

    1. Thanks for the kind words. I hope be around longer this time.

  10. This looks rad!

    Did the mvc3 SheHulk break the 4th wall? I wonder if theres an attack where you can incorporate that since shes one of the few who does that.

    Anyway, great job. Love the Frank Cho inspired!

    1. I remember just one comment she made fighting
      against Deadpool. Something like if the game had been released in the 90's, she would use the health bar hyper.
      I planned something for her breaking the 4th wall but it's just a winpose, not an attack.

  11. Ei cara legal ver mais coisas suas, lembro de você lá da MGBR.
    tipo vai rolar update pro mugen 1.0 dos seus antigos chars?
    Gostei dos gifs da Hulka mas acho que precisa
    de mais variações de paleta. valeu!

    1. Opa! Update não de imediato, mas com as versões novas sendo lançadas já vai ser tudo 1.0
      Paletas ainda estão em aberto, mas só vou fazer novas quando terminar
      todos os get-hits.

  12. for another pallet idead: green boots/gloves, white skin tone, orange hair and and torso puprle sides and green fronts and would have a fairchild for gen13 pallet (as they would have similar move set)

    1. Hey man (Matt?). You right, now that you mention they are very similar.
      Thanks for the suggestion but a Fairchild mode it's out of question, I alredy have too much things to do.

    2. yeah its matt, i didn't mean a fairchild mode - just a pallet from the receipe listed above

  13. I've been a fan of your work ever since I found MUGEN. So glad to see your back and your work on She Hulk is AMAZING!!! She looks great. The first four palettes look the best to me. I too would like to see a 6 button layout and hope you'll find a way to include the F4 logo to your smart palette. That would be great.

    Looking forward to see what you will cook up next. :)
    Good luck on your projects.

    1. Hey man. I'm a fan of your work too. You are the creator of Nightcrawler and Xavier right?
      My priority for her and future characters will be the MvsC3 layout (4 buttons)
      but like I said she will have support for 6 buttons.
      F4 I still need to do some tests to see how much more time consuming it'll be.
      A friend of mine offer to help me on that, but let's see...
      Thanks man!

    2. Thanks, yes, I did create Nightcrawler and Xavier.
      I know someone who is a wiz with smart palettes. His name is JETthePHOENIX. Not sure if he is busy right now or not, but I thought I'd mention him. He's helped out Buyog and others with their characters smart palettes.

  14. Hey Loganir!
    Very nice to see that u r continuing your work on her. I took a shot on shulkie a while ago for Scruffys MSH2 project, glad i didnt continue that ;p Good luck with all of your projects!

  15. Dude Nice! Much respect man!
    As much as I want to download this I understand the process it takes to out of your free time
    I hope you include cameos from Dan Slott take on She-Hulk.

  16. Yeah! your She-Hulk will rock the Mugen Marvel World.
    I'd like to see this char soon.

  17. Fantastic! :)
    Love your characters :wink:
    Wonder Woman is my favorite char by you ^_^

  18. i was wondering how come no one ever made cyber or deathhead? i think that cyber would be a crazy addition to the mugen marvel world!!