More She-Hulk at request

I do not know why but some people in these last days are sending me a few emails asking about Shulkie.
So I decided to post more info about her.

Here's some palettes in the works. I still didn't defined what will be chosen. Surely the FF, Avengers Classic,
Lyra and Red Betty will be maintained.

click on the image for original size:

One of these palettes alludes to Byrne's classic run in She-hulk comics where he made Jennifer switch bodies with her friend Louise "Weezie".

And speaking of John Byrne, I'm planning a hyper lv.3 with a car. But it is different from what exists in MvsC3.Would be using her old 1959 Dodge with flight powers. This will be part of a "Hyper Chain" featuring some guests from her versions "sensational" "savage" and "Lady Liberators".
I'm still working on it ...

Plus I am studying the gameplay for MvsC3. She-Hulk will also use the button layout from the game.
Probably I will implement it on my other characters in future updates too.
She-Hulk specials will be custom and some from MvsC3.

A few more gifs:

+ "Get up lie down" (unfinished)