"Running To Stand Still"

Today I finished the animation of She-Hulk running.
This animation will be also used in the "chariot" special move.
The base and reference for this animation  is "Black Widow" from Capcom's game "Ring of Destruction: Slam Masters II". I had to redraw it a lot.

base reference:


SHE-HULK MvsC3 pal

I found this funny comic book page on google.
This inspired me to create some interaction with  Shulkie and Thor.

I would like to hear possible ideas and suggestions for a intro between them so I can work on it.


The Avengers and a little thing about Thor

The Avengers movie premiered on April 11, 2012 and is scheduled for release on May 4, 2012 in the United States.

Here in my country - Brazil - the movie will be release on April 27 (don't ask me why).
The expectation is great for me. I hope the story lives up to the greatness of these characters.
My desire was to release the update of Thor that day, but I have a lot of things happening which prevent me to do that.

It will take a while until he is ready but I'll post some things about him.

These are some palettes with the new look, changes has yet to be made but the idea is that every palette has an effect of lightning (on hypers, specials) in a different color.
New Avengers, Walt Simonson arc, the movie version are some I've been working on.

This version of Thor will have changes in the gameplay, for example the special "Thunderstrike" will be replaced by the "Mighty Spark" from MvsC3...(oh come on, I'm exchanging ideas with Capcom :P)

yep I'm still working on these effects. Until next post!


More She-Hulk at request

I do not know why but some people in these last days are sending me a few emails asking about Shulkie.
So I decided to post more info about her.

Here's some palettes in the works. I still didn't defined what will be chosen. Surely the FF, Avengers Classic,
Lyra and Red Betty will be maintained.

click on the image for original size:

One of these palettes alludes to Byrne's classic run in She-hulk comics where he made Jennifer switch bodies with her friend Louise "Weezie".

And speaking of John Byrne, I'm planning a hyper lv.3 with a car. But it is different from what exists in MvsC3.Would be using her old 1959 Dodge with flight powers. This will be part of a "Hyper Chain" featuring some guests from her versions "sensational" "savage" and "Lady Liberators".
I'm still working on it ...

Plus I am studying the gameplay for MvsC3. She-Hulk will also use the button layout from the game.
Probably I will implement it on my other characters in future updates too.
She-Hulk specials will be custom and some from MvsC3.

A few more gifs:

+ "Get up lie down" (unfinished)