SHE-HULK : a little history of a mugen wip


I had started this wip version of She-Hulk in 2004.
The main edited base at the time was basically Yuri from AOF.
Unfortunatelly (or not! :P) for various reasons this wip was cancelled at that time..

In 2006 after some new tests I`ve gave her a new chance with totally redone franksprited bases.
After some development and 

various real life reasons this wip gone back to freezer.

2008 - 2012 and beyond
In 2008 I decided continue this character. 
After reading the Red Hulk comics and being inspired by Frank Cho's design for Shulkie (the Lady Liberators) I decided change the wip direction. 
Not entirely satisfied with her old muscular structure, specially her legs I`ve redone almost everything.
I also created a Smart palette to resemble some of her various costume variations.
Editing 50% from scratch and frankespriting a mix of various bases, mostly CPS3 shading style. This is the She-Hulk who will be released in a near future.

In 2010 I had a great surprise when Capcom's announced her in MvsC3, 
Not only her gameplay it's different from what I've imagined but also her visuals.
About the visual I'll go with the muscular one but her gameplay I'm not so sure.
Im planning incorporated some MvsC3 moves with some original stuff.
or not :P 
Plus I've done lot of sprites, but they still need some touches such as adding
a smart palette in her gloves.
More news about her soon...

She-Hulk MvsC3 palette

SHE-HULK by Loganir (MVSC1 palette) and CAPCOM`s HULK

stand size comparision

changes of this character through the years




smart palette

POST UPDATE and additional information: She-Hulk received major updates since this post was created and her current status, progress and visuals can be checked here: 


Artwork for reference only 
a She-Hulk artwork by Frank Cho and another by Paul Pelletier